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“Hello,” says the heavily-accented voice on the line, “this is Sai, how can I be of service to you today?” Is this what you want your customers’ first impression of your company to be?

The idea of outsourcing call center services is something that many American businesses have been doing for decades. However, today, more and more businesses are looking at the feasibility of utilizing agents that are 10,000 miles away to some call center India.

One of people's most frequent complaints regarding offshore call centers is the language barrier. It’s actually one of the biggest complaints of outsourced call centers, to be able to understand heavy foreign accents. Indian call center employees’ accents leave most U.S. customers frustrated as they cannot understand them. In fact, employees in these Indian call centers are not familiar with most common U.S. phrases or slangs. They are not even clear on geographic references such as cities or states and this significantly reduces customers' trust in your company.

Even if Indian operators speak what they consider “fluent English”, many callers complain that they either have difficulty understanding the call center agent or they usually have trouble communicating their issue in a way the agent understands. These communication issues lead to very unsatisfied customers and may even cause them to take their business somewhere else. You can be sure that customers will tell others about the bad experience they had with your company. If nothing else, more resources are used when your customers need to call repeatedly to solve a problem or spend 30 minutes on a call for an issue that could have been easily solved in 5 minutes. The last thing your customers want is to struggle with basic English when they are trying to get a problem solved. Studies have shown they will now actually hang up if they hear that they are being transferred to a call center India or if they spot a foreigh accent when the representative answers.

You have to understand that these customers are not being racists; they are just looking for a quick solution to their problem, not struggle to understand the poor level of English. A strong foreign accent will make communication harder, especially over the phone when voice is the only thing customers can rely on.

But you’re still looking to save on costs and the perfect solution could be to look “Nearshore” in El Salvador. So how does a Nearshore call center in El Salvador compared to those in India? The typical Salvadoran call center agent grew up in the United States and returned home to either care for family or marry. For these ex-pats, a job in a call center is actually considered a good-paying career with room for professional growth. Call center agents here have an excellent command of English, are familiar with American culture and this automatically generates greater customer comfort and satisfaction.


Performatel El Salvador is an affordable Canadian owned and run global call center BPO in the heart of Central America. We offer very affordable call center services, native English speaking agents and customer support technology that makes the process as seamless as possible by implementing superior customer service outsourcing solutions. The costs are comparable to a call center India but you get native English speakers that are familiar with American culture. The results are streamlined business operations and happy customers.