A Look At The Canadian Call Center Industry

A Look At The Canadian Call Center Industry

Canada’s business industry was dealt a rough hand. As America’s northern neighbour that speaks the same language, many Canadians choose more American products over their own. With a population a little over 30 million spread across “sea unto sea”, it is already difficult to have a diverse workforce to choose from. One issue in Canada is the issue of its oligopoly, the limit of competition, between its media giants Rogers and Bell leaving Canadians at the hands of these corporations. However, some Canadian call centers fight through this issue and serve corporations like Bell proving that call centers still provide thousands of jobs to Canadians.

Canadian Call Center Obstacles

Call centers rely on highly skilled employees for the many different departments of a large company. As mentioned earlier, Canada’s population spreads across a vast area with most of its population saturated in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa. Although there is an abundance of human resources, and competition for these skilled employees is fierce as many specialized workers look for jobs outside call centers.

However, companies like Performatel (us!) find the most experienced call center agents to serve the needs of Canadian companies. With so many growing Canadian companies, it is important that call centers take the challenge of handling customer calls off other industries to continue to grow the Canadian industries to compete against American giants.

However, Technical changes have a large impact on Canadian companies since its telecommunications infrastructure relies on one or two companies. This means when a new change happens, the delay in rollout affects smaller companies in rural areas. These changes affect the Canadian call center industry even outside of major cities.

Despite these changes, we thrive with both Canadian and El Salvador locations. With these multilingual skills and Canadian connections, it only makes sense for Canadian call centers to spread to other countries to grow their services.  We specialize in customer service, hire and train our own professionals, and focus on maintaining a happy relationship between your customers and your business.

Case Study: Bell

In the past, large companies outsourced their call centers to more rural areas and areas with a low population. However, to cut more costs, Bell chose to outsource its call centers to other countries. Bell’s calls went to offshore call centers where one Canadian said that the agents were able to answer quickly and efficiently (1). This quick customer service saves companies like Bell time to focus on improving their services to Canadians with the feedback their call centers give back to them in an organized report.

Canadian Call Centers

Canadian call centers, like other Canadian businesses, still thrive amongst a challenging economy. With their specialization in both outbound and inbound call services, it only makes sense for large companies like Bell to cut cost and use call centers in order to serve Canadians properly.  

At Performatel, we offer a wide array of services for any businesses looking for a solution to their customer communication. With highly trained agents and efficient programs, we ensure that your customers will finish their calls satisfied and loyal to yours.