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A Look At El Salvadors Call Center Industry

If you are an American company that is considering outsourcing your customer service, sales or support center, El Salvador's nearshore outsourcing is a much safer bet than relocation. These are some of the reasons that make that statement valid:

Similar Time Zones

Nearshore outsourcing in El Salvador allows you to manage business in or around the same time zones where your headquarters are located (assuming, of course, that it is essential that you do things during normal business hours). For example, you can set up conference calls and have real-time communication without calculating time zone differentials.

Fluent English-speakers/Cultural Awareness

American consumers prefer to interact with native English speakers and the likelihood of that happening is greater near the coast than offshore. There is a big difference between speaking English and understanding it. Reason why the U.S. cultural awareness plays a fundamental role and should take into consideration when you make any decision regarding where to outsource.

Proximity to the U.S.

Traveling to call center locations is a lot easier if you outsource nearshore in El Salvador rather than offshore. If you live in the U.S., you exchange those long flights that take you halfway around the world with much shorter trips, since you will reach your destination in a little as 2-4 hours (not 24 hours).

Nearshore Outsourcing

Which countries do American companies turn to with those advantages in mind?
While Mexico, Panama and Jamaica have developed as mature markets, countries like Guyana and El Salvador are emerging and show a great promise of growth.
For example, El Salvador, the country where Performatel’s BPO call center is located, offers unique benefits, particularly when English is spoken and American cultural awareness is present.
Leading call center industry expert Peter Ryan, addressing the advantages of outsourcing near the coast in El Salvador, said: “In addition to fluent English, the country offers subcontractors an accessible location from North America, cultural affinity with consumers in the United States and Canada, competitive costs and a solid communication infrastructure. Combined, these elements have been the basis for the most successful near-shore locations in the last decade”. As a matter of fact, El Salvador occupies a higher place due to the ease of doing business than other popular outsourcing destinations, such as Brazil, Guyana, Nicaragua, Honduras or Guatemala, according to the World Bank.

Nearshore Outsourcing Considerations

Despite the advantages of outsourcing near the coast, several factors must be considered, one will be the cost. India and the Philippines offer some of the lowest hourly costs but most of the time at the expense of quality. Although call centers near the coast are not the cheapest, their rates are favorable compared to national call centers. It is the best of both worlds: superior CSAT, FCR, service level and other metrics at a lower price than what you would pay onshore.
Geopolitical risks are another determinant. Several Central American countries, particularly Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, face political and social upheavals on an unprecedented scale. You may remember that a Nicaraguan BPO relocated its agents outside the country earlier this year due to the rising tide of political and social instability.


Performatel’s nearshore call center in El Salvador specializes in providing affordable and effective BPO solutions for today’s global market. We have successfully served several Multinationals, Fortune 500 companies, international banks and government organizations from our Latin American locations since early 2003. You can have the “best of both worlds”: domestic quality at affordable nearshore prices.
If you are new to outsourcing or unhappy with your current call center provider, look at what Performatel can offer as part of its diversification plan.