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Can I help you with that?

There is an evolution happening in the contact center. Companies are moving away from simply handling volume efficiently and are beginning to focus in on the question “why?”

Why are your customers contacting you? Why was the interaction escalated? Why did your customer’s issue go unresolved? Why…?
If you cannot answer the “Why’s” your competitors will. This is where our customer service outsourcing process comes in.

PERFORMATEL helps you answer that very question while giving your customers world class CX care.

Customer care

For more than 20 years, we’ve connected brands to their customers to solve problems, answer questions and build more connected relationships. While we are proud of our heritage of innovation, we’re also proud of the amazing employees who work on the front lines for our clients every day.

We’re very selective with a 1 to 10 applicant to hire ratio. Once we’ve found the right fit, we onboard, train, and celebrate our employees. And it’s working. Our employee engagement score is one of the highest in the services industry and our best source of new talent is through employee referrals.

Our teams are focused on continuously improving with the Six Sigma process, strong automated quality assurance programs and Voice of Customer (VoC) tools.

What does the future hold for the customer experience?

Research shows that 87 percent of customers think brands need to work harder to create a seamless customer experience. So, what can you do when these days the old ways of doing business clearly aren’t enough to keep your customers satisfied and spending? PERFORMATEL can improve customer experience delivery for your customers of today and help you plan for the customer engagement of tomorrow.

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