How Can Business Process Outsourcing Help Your Company?

a group of customer service reps

Customer service outsourcing is often done to reduce staff and to save money. The business owner is frustrated with the high volume of inbound calls that are not answered efficiently and outbound calls that don’t seem to happen at all. But, there is more to this story and every business owner who uses customer service outsourcing needs to know what that is.

Why did your customer call in the first place? Why did they go away happy and remain your customer and why did they get angry and never come back? If the folks answering your customer service calls are not getting these answers, your competitors eventually will!

At Performatel we have worked with our clients to find out the answers. Why did the customer call, why did they stay your customer, and why did they go away? We have been doing this for more than two decades and have succeeded in solving the problems that would otherwise drive paying customers away from your brand and into the arms of a competitor. We have done this with constant striving to innovate and with the support of our incredible employees. Only one person in ten who applies becomes a Performatel employee. But, once we choose an employee we dedicate ourselves to their training and their continual improvement. This has worked for us in keeping skilled workers and that makes us a better company.

Continual Improvement

We use Voice of Customer (VoC) tools and monitor quality with automated programs. Our goal is constant improvement using the Six Sigma route. The reason we do this is to provide better service to your customers and to you. The vast majority of customers believe that the customer service experience could be improved. We agree and we constantly work to do just that.

When your customer service outsourcing is with Performatel, we will share our expertise with you to make your customer service to your clients the state of the art. And, as we learn more and improve our systems and approaches, we use those skills to take better care of your clients first and foremost.

Cost Efficient Customer Service

Many companies outsource customer service in order to save money. But, customer service should be a function that keeps clients in your fold and helps you expand your customer base. In this regard, it is foolish to simply look at phone traffic volume and say that you are saving money on handling all of those phone calls. What you need when outsourcing customer service is the answers to the “why” that pops up at least once in every contact with a customer. Why did they call? Why are they happy or unhappy? Why is it that they remain your customer even if they are unhappy? And, why did they leave and buy your competitor’s product or service? When considering customer service outsourcing look for a company, like Performatel, that makes it their business to constantly improve what they do and answer the “why” that is so important.