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Customers want to feel welcome with any business which is why always having an open customer service support line is absolutely necessary. Our PCI certified support center professionals hold years of experience in both inbound and outbound call management that guarantees customer satisfaction. They will always respond to your clients, customers or prospects in a timely and professional manner, displaying complete knowledge of your company’s products and services. They will address your customer’s questions and concerns to help nurture your business-customer relationship. With our advanced tools and services handled by committed customer service and support center staff, you can be there for your valued customers round the clock. PERFORMATEL provides a range of very affordable inbound call center services for a vast array of companies and projects.


Research shows that 87 percent of customers think brands need to work harder to create a seamless customer experience. So, what can you do when the old ways of doing business clearly aren’t enough to keep your customers satisfied and spending? PERFORMATEL can improve customer experience delivery for your customers of today and help you plan for the customer engagement of tomorrow.


Today’s fast-changing technology continues to transform the face of contact centers. Multiple channels allow businesses to provide quality customer service through various mediums acting in concert such as phone, email, chat and social support making sure that every interaction and transaction with your customer is properly handled and produces positive results across all verticals. PERFORMATEL can offer these service channels as a package or individually.
 Contact Us if you’re looking to outsource your complete or partial client care needs and are eager to learn more about our process to provide excellence in total CX at affordable rates.