Meeting Your Inbound Call Demands Has Never Been Easier

You know how irritating it is to call a business and then wait forever in order to talk to someone. And, you know how frustrating it is to lose customers and business opportunities when people cannot get through to talk to the right person in your business. An excellent reason to use inbound call center services is that there is always someone there to answer the phone and correctly answer the person’s question or efficiently direct them to the person they need to talk to.

Inbound Client Care

At Performatel we pride ourselves in what we call inbound client care. There are various reasons why a current customer or a potential client may be calling your company. But, the things these people all have in common are that they appreciate being treated in a professional and polite manner. They are impressed when the person they speak with is well-versed in your services and product line. And, first and foremost, they appreciate a prompt answer when they call instead of being put on hold and hearing elevator music or a repeating message that only serves to make them angry.

When we handle your inbound calls, we make it our business to help protect and nurture yours. Our phone operators are trained to both deal with specific customer problems and questions and to do so in such a manner as to build a stronger relationship with those customers. We have extensive expertise in managing inbound calls, handling service calls, and making your customers happy with the service they receive from us.

We have been providing inbound call center services for years. And, we have worked to get progressively better at the job. With professional staff on site, our company is PCI/DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. This has to do with the protection of cardholder data when making payments and the firewalls we have in place to make all transactions private and secure. We offer services twenty-four hours a day all year long. We work with you to make sure that what we tell your customers and exactly how we answer is what you want. And, because this is our precise area of expertise, we will tell you when the script you give us for answering customer complaints needs to be improved and just how we suggest it be done.

Our center of operations is in Central America in the country of El Salvador. We can handle calls in Spanish, English and other languages. And, in all languages, we will provide the same excellent service and leave your customers with the knowledge that they were treated politely, professionally, and with respect.

At Performatel we will tailor our services to fit your specific needs. We do sales and order management as well as handle customer complaints. We provide support for manufacturing companies, retail operations, insurance, banks and financial companies, telecommunications, and even disaster recovery operations. If you have called regarding a customer loyalty program or to make reservations you may have spoken to one of our operators. We even offer overflow services to companies that only need help during periods of high phone traffic.