Why Outsource Your Company’s Support?

You and your company are good at what you do. And, part of the reason is that you focus on what you do best and outsource the rest. There are two basic reasons for outsourcing support services. Someone else can do the job better than you and they can do it for less money. Performatel is a good example of why outsourcing support services can be a great idea. We are a contact center with operations in Central America. Our services start with inbound and outbound calls but also include interactions via email, chat, social media, and mobile devices. We offer services in a variety of languages using live operators and artificial intelligence systems.

Outsourcing Support Services to Someone Who Does the Job Better

You may be in a high tech industry, but do you have dedicated artificial intelligence systems designed to handle customer follow-up, service, or complaint calls? You may have people who are in sales, but, do you have staff who are skilled in talking to people on the phone, can stick to a script, and speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages?

The folks, like us, who do this kind of work every day, have done it professionally for years. Folks like us do the job better than you could even if you developed or purchased the systems, because you are not going to take your skilled workers away from the jobs that they do best.

You know that running a successful business is a full time commitment. Outsourcing support services, like necessary phone contacts, lets you focus on your business while letting the folks you outsource to go ahead and do what they do best.

Outsourcing Support Services to Save Money

It is unlikely that your business requires people who speak several languages. It is also unlikely that you have an integrated communication system with telephone operators working twenty-four hours a day all year long and artificial intelligence systems. The first and foremost reason that you can save money by outsourcing is that you do not need to set up the infrastructure and hire the people needed to do the job. And, you do not need to incur the costs of upgrading your communications system or retraining your multi-lingual workers either!

The second reason is it is easier to find people who are fluent in languages like Spanish and Portuguese, as well as in English, in Latin America. The fact of the matter is that the cost of living in a country like El Salvador, where we at Performatel operate our contact center, is substantially lower than North America. Thus, labor costs are lower and that translates into savings for you when you are outsourcing support services.

By outsourcing support services to where the skillsets are easier to find, you can commonly get those services a discount to what you would pay to get similar services, if available, in North America. From the multi-lingual and multi-talented person on the phone or chat to the highly trained computer programmer upgrading the software, companies, like Performatel, that you outsource to offer a high level of competence at a reasonable price.