Benefits Of Decentralized Internet

Benefits Of Decentralized Internet

Once you understand the most important benefits of a decentralized Internet, you will automatically understand the unstoppable push to get us into Web 3.0 as soon as possible.  And although we see occasional signs of Web 3.0, it is not fully developed yet, and most of us are still browsing the Web in Web 2.0.

Keep this in mind: in some areas of life, the future may not look as bright as it once did, but a silver lining in the world's madness today is the advent of Web 3.0 or the next generation of the Internet.  The benefits of a decentralized Internet can be found in the problems that Web 3.0 solves.

The Problem with the Current Web 2.0

If you are wondering what the benefits of a decentralized Internet are, you are far from alone!  Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Google (as well as other big tech monopolies) have done a bang-up job of driving their users away in droves since 2016, when the censorship that we see today started, and this censorship is becoming more out-of-control by the week!

Today, people are looking for the next generation of the Internet, as the Big Tech Bullies have worn their welcomes out with virtually everyone!  Today, more and more smart Web users are making the switch from the current Web 2.0 to a robust Web 3.0, and Hashtag Space/Meta Hash is leading the way to a decentralized Web.

What Exactly are the Benefits of a Decentralized Internet?

When considering the numerous, substantial benefits of a decentralized Internet, it's no wonder why we have seen such a concerted push to establish a viable Web 3.0 environment in recent years and months.  The Meta Hash platform offers decentralized social media, a decentralized Web 3.0 browser, and a decentralized cryptocurrency, known as Meta Hash Coin (MHC), which is one of the most promising new altcoins on the market today, and there are many ways to earn lots of MHC on our platform!

Using Meta Hash apps, you will have several ways to add coin to your MHC wallet.  For example, our platform's users can get paid to search, get paid to bring new people into our system, and profit from a potentially lucrative affiliate program that is truly one-of-a-kind and beneficial.  Meta Hash and Hashtag Space welcome you to a whole new Internet that is free and that does not track its users.  Neither of these claims can be honestly made about the current Web 2.0!
Top 3 Benefits of a Decentralized Internet

1) Decentralization

One of the most obvious benefits of a decentralized Internet is that it would not be controlled by any authorities.  Instead, the decentralized Web or Web 3.0, as many call it, is broken up across multiple computers around the globe so that the power is back in the hands of the people rather than these centralized tyrannical authorities.

2) Censorship

The decentralized web is also censorship-resistant.  Once something is published on the DeWeb, it could not easily be taken down. It would be there to stay. If you put a website on a file storage system and serve those assets that way, no one can take your website down.

3) Decentralized Currency

Unstoppable. Cryptocurrencies are untouchable by governments.  Cryptocurrencies are borderless, and our cryptocurrency (MHC) is among the best new cryptocurrencies to invest in today.  If you have a distributed Web in multiple countries, no single jurisdiction would ever be able to simply take down the cryptocurrency.

These three benefits were basically the objectives of the original Ethereum project.  The idea is to create this world computer for a decentralized web to run on.  Fortunately, we are seeing a resurgence of web 3.0 blockchain developers like Meta Hash.
Join Us on the Road from Centralization to the Path of Decentralization

Centralization means that all the power to deny, limit, or control your actions on the Internet, lies with certain powerful entities with agendas to control what you are allowed to see and access on the Internet.  Of course, more and more people are running into problems with censorship.  All sorts of platforms are shadow banning their users, banning their users outright, and limiting their users' exposure when their users publish content.  Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Amazon are just a few of the seemingly countless platforms that have become notorious for centralization and censorship.

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Benefits Of Decentralized Internet

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