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Customer Support

Customer Support

Growing your business isn’t always easy. Customer support is one of the essential requirements, especially when you want your business to increase. It can be difficult and expensive to provide customer support with your own employees. Instead, you can improve service and reduce expenses when you outsource functions to professionals. Performatel offers high-quality services to provide your customers with the best support possible.  

How Can We Provide the Best Customer Support?

Your customers expect a high level of support, and they want to be able to speak to an agent when necessary. The ideal way to ensure that your customers get the best support possible is by outsourcing these functions. You want to make sure that you keep your customers completely satisfied while reducing your costs. When you outsource customer support, you will be sure that your clients get all of the attention they need without having to devote internal resources to the task. You will get regular reports to help you improve and grow your business.

Professional Customer Services

At Performatel, we train our team of agents to handle your customer service needs with the highest level of professionalism. We manage and oversee the agents make sure that they follow procedures and that they get help when necessary. We partner with you to help you retain existing customers and give your company a boost in the marketplace. We will identify areas of cross-selling or up-sell opportunities and assist you in growing your base. We streamline the processes to give you fast and efficient services.

Where Are Your Offices Located?

We have three offices, including our main office in Toronto, Canada, and our two nearshore customer support facilities in San Salvador and El Salvador. We offer total contact center capacity of 500 agents. We provide Multilanguage services and artificial intelligence capabilities. We offer inbound and outbound support, live chat, emails, social response, and all types of assistance for customers located anywhere and on any device. We provide 24/7 support when necessary. Our nearshore facilities are located just 2 to 5 hours from most major U.S. cities by air.

High-Quality Support at Affordable Prices

You will find that you will get the type of support you need at reasonable prices. It is much easier and less expensive to outsource client care than to establish and maintain your own call center. We have the technology in place and trained agents ready to assist you with all your needs. We employ qualified individuals to ensure the best customer experiences. We will be the voice of your brand and so much more. Our team will help you grow your business and give your customers the attention they deserve. We work with you to create a custom service plan that meets your requirements and your budget. We provide consistent, top quality services that never disappoint. Visit our online 360-degree site tour to view our facilities without having to leave your desk. Contact Performatel today to get started with the help you need to service your customers and improve your business.  

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