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We can absolutely give you excellent customer service but why not go beyond high quality client care and customer services? Why just offer excellent service and support to your customers when you can profit from their inquiry? It can cost up to seven times more to sell to a new customer than to an existing one. So why don’t most companies tap into conversations with current customers to drive more sales?

Typically because their organization is not set up to do it!
  Up-Selling    Cross-Selling
We have a robust training program that teaches our client care and customer service representatives to effectively probe for needs and effectively solve those needs with revenue generating interactions. We have a service to sales program (cross-sell/up-sell program) which effectively balances service and sales KPI’s for the best customer experience, which helps you convert those service interactions into sales opportunities by ensuring that every interaction we have with your customers drives value.

Our proprietary training and service capabilities enable an integrated approach to create a high-performing service-to-sales culture. Our customer service and technical support representatives are comfortable and confident with consultative selling. Working in partnership, we build the strategy, next-best-offer analytical models and training programs to put the strategies into action.
  • We actively promote a sales-oriented culture as part of a holistic customer experience.

  • We have technology tools that enable our customer service representatives to be more effective in selling to the end customer.

  • Our rewards and recognition program is highly motivating for our associates and drives the right behavior.

  • Our coaching strategy enables our supervisors to effectively coach and support associates to more effectively sell while increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Our real time reporting provides the right level of visibility and insightfulness in sales and customer satisfaction performance.

  • We use insightful analysis to understand what are the key drivers of increased sales and customer satisfaction.

  • We use analytics to scientifically select associates who will perform best servicing customers and selling solutions that will enhance the customer experience.

  • We have a customer success platform that can predict customer churn and a customer’s probability to buy certain products.

The result is a high performing sales culture and a growing bottom line.
Don’t leave money on the table because your competitors will help themselves to it.